The Future of Investing Begins With Technological Change

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Technological Innovation

Innovative technologies are disruptive in nature. The combination of their declining cost curves, exponential growth S-curves and forward thinking nature allows these innovations to disrupt the world order in a short period of time. Identifying these innovations and investing in them during their early adopter phase is what we strive for at Spectacle. 

Innovative Industries

Want to know which industries we’re analyzing and investing in? 

Blockchain Technology

The revolution of money, finance, governance and the internet will reshape all of society.


Currently, the gaming industry dwarfs both the sports industry and film industry combined. Innovations in AR/VR, blockchain gaming and AI will accelerate this growth further.


The new space race will accelerate the development of drones, reusable rockets, satellite broadband and more more technologies.

Clean Energy

Spearheaded by battery technology, this industry looks to disrupt the energy sector in a big way.

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Why Tecnological Innovation?

Technological innovation is disruptive in nature. The combination of S-curves for growth, compounding cost reductions and disruption of tradiotnal world order make these technologies the most prominent investments. 

Declining Cost Curves

On top of exponential growth, technologies like lithium ion batteries have compounding, declining cost curves where the cost to produce has declined by 97% in the past 3 decades.

Multi Sector Applicability

Technologies are not constrained to one use case. In fact, they build off one another and exponentially grow on top of each other. Blockchain technology will accelerate the growth of AI which will in turn further acelerate the growth of blockchain technology.

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