Top 3 Revolutionary AI Tokens

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Why AI Tokens?

Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, is the single most revolutionary technology the world will ever see. Once the singularity happens, which is the event where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence thereby altering our history forever, there will be massive societal changes, nobody will be left unaffected by this. AI has the potential to produce an abundance of wealth for everyone on the planet, investing in AI early will be extremely lucrative if you invest in the right project. This post will give a brief overview of our top 3 AI tokens and if one of them catches your attention make sure to check our in depth analysis of that token. 

Ocean Protocol(OCEAN)

The goal when creating Ocean Protocol was to regain control of the big data that conglomerates like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Their alternative to these companies is to take this large amount of information and to provide it on an exchange to be freely shared and monetized. Ocean protocol looks to relieve individuals from the nature of giving up their data and comprising its security, now they will be able to make money from it without these downsides. 


The platform allows users to exchange data and services on a decentralized marketplace. This marketplace looks to establish links between the data providers and the data collectors and then keeps an on-chain record of who purchased the data, who owns it and who it has been shared with. The transparency and decentralization of the platform is the biggest selling point behind this project. 

I highly recommend reading more into this project, I’ll be writing a fundamental analysis on the project in the following weeks but now is a good time to buy in during this upcoming massive bull spike as this project has a lot of hype building beneath it.

Ocean's frontpage on their website


FET looks to bring together the world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, decentralization and multi-agent networks to create an “economic internet”. Essentially, the project wants to create a digital representation of the moving parts in the economy i.e. data, services, people, infrastructure etc. and capture it in a meaningful and useful way. 


The end goal of the project as described by Binance Research is “Fetch’s goal is to automate a limitless number of markets which currently require tremendous manual intervention. Autonomous economic transactions will deliver near-frictionless marketplaces, operating at digital speed”. This project definitely requires a lot more research and understanding to wrap one’s head around the massive scope that it entails. Regardless, FET announced its mainnet launch to be later this month (March 2021) and therefore there is a ton of hype surrounding the project. Similar to all swing trades, buy into the hype and sell at the top if you can.

AI Tokens FET.AI Explanation
FET's frontpage on their website


 Similar to the FET and OCEAN, AGI has very large promises in a very early stage development. The project looks to create a network of decentralized AI that can be used and monetized by anyone while also eventually becoming self-sufficient and run by the AI themselves. In contrast to OCEAN and FET, Singularity net is a very long-term play. It currently doesn’t have a ton of hype surrounding it except the launch of AGI on the Cardano platform. With that being said, this is a project I believe everyone should have a small portion of their portfolio in as any breakthroughs in the long term can make this go parabolic. If this project accomplishes the goal it has set out to complete, then this is an easy 1000x. Only time will tell though. My full fundamental analysis on SingularityNET can be found here.



Overall, this is shorter than my usual blog posts as I still have a lot of research to do on OCEAN and FET. My recommendations for them at this point in time stems from the hype surrounding them and my prediction that they will sky rocket in the following weeks and months. From what I know, these to look to be solid long term plays as well, but more research is definitely required. Let me know what you think of these 3 picks and comment below your favorite tokens right now!

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