Spectacle Review: March 2021

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Welcome to our new monthly blog recap. As of right now I’ll be calling this segment Spectacle Review: March 2021. With this series I’ll look to recap the industry, my short term buys, plus various info we have learned throughout the month. I’ll then make a conclusion on the state of the market going into April and what we can expect to see. 


March has been a rocky yet phenomenal month for Spectacle. It was a crazy first half of the month with my portfolio growing over 1000% but then the final two weeks of the month resulted in dips across the board. Given that March is historically bad for Bitcoin and therefore crypto in general, I’m happy with the overall outcome for the month and the percentage gain that I was  able to end the month off with. So what happened this month?

Spectacle's Growth

I want to start off by thanking everyone who checked out the website, followed on social media and interacted with the blog in any way shape or form. Spectacle went from 84 views for all of February to over 2000 thousand in March! Although 2000 is still a small number, it represents tremendous growth from the previous month and I’m very appreciative of that. Going forward, the goals for Spectcle’s April growth is:


-more social media presence, specifically wanting to grow the Twitter and Tik Tok followings

-Reddit: I started a reddit community for Spectacle but haven’t figured out a way to grow it and incentivize individuals to join, will be looking to solve this in April

-Website Refinement: continuing to update the website, fix bugs and increase its performance

-More and more posts! In March I launched fundamental analysis on 3 projects and for April I would like to ramp that up to 5. There’s a ton of great projects out there so ramping up the analysis is crucial. 

-Lastly, I would like to get the monthly views to 5000. This may be ambitious, especially with exam season being in April but I believe we can get there, stay tuned!

March Play Reviews

CHZ – I called this one out in our Top 3 NFT tokens for March 2021 which you can read here, specifically I called it out and bought it around 0.07. This token ended up doing a crazy run almost touching a dollar. Definitely one of the best plays for the month and I’m still holding half of my position. I foresee this continuing to climb throughout the rest of the bull market but I would expect a 3-5x from here so you can definitely find better plays in the market elsewhere but if you’re still holding onto CHZ then expect more gains to come in the future. Most likely won’t be as parabolic as the March movements were. 


FET – Similar to CHZ, I called this out in my Top 3 AI tokens for March 2021 which you can read here, specifically I called it out when it was around 22 cents and it’s now around 83 cents so almost a nice 4x. What’s driven the growth of FET this month is the launch of its mainnet V.2. on March 31st but after researching more into the project, I’ve discovered that this is a very solid long term play. I released my fundamental analysis which you can find here but essentially this is an extremely ambitious project that I believe will be in the top 25 cryptos in the following years. AI cryptos are definitely worth keeping your eye on, their growth will be slow but once they gain their momentum you’ll never get them for their cheap prices again. 


AUDIO – This is a project that I bought and have been following since early February, and got in around 40 cents. Admittedly, I bought this based on a call out on social media and fomod into it without doing too much research(don’t recommend this). Unfortunately, the project’s price movement went sideways for most of February and I ended up withdrawing most of my position in March. Shortly after withdrawing, the token skyrocketed to almost $5 and is now sitting in the $3 range. I’m glad I didn’t sell all of my position as I was able to still capitalize on this movement. I don’t plan on selling any AUDIO anytime soon as I’ve researched more into the project and they look to be a disruptive and innovative force in the music industry, bringing decentralization, NFTs and more power to artists. I’ll be doing a fundamental analysis on this project in April so stay tuned for that!

April to Summer Plays

As I stated above, March was overall a rocky month but solid gains were made. My predictions to invest in NFTs, AI and supply chain tokens proved to be effective. Moving forward, these categories will remain prevalent and lucrative if investing in the right projects. With that being said, there are some other plays and industries that I think will be even better for April. Let’s jump into it.


Gaming cryptos are definitely something I overlooked in March. I did allude to this sector when I recommended Enjin in my Top NFT Tokens for March and ENJ did end up climbing from the $0.6 I called it at, to around $2.60 at the time of writing. An excellent trade if you made it, I ended up selling all of my position at around $1.5 to swing trade some other plays but I would like to get in again on ENJ for the long term as I foresee this being a dominant player in gaming moving forward. 


Although I don’t have a full gaming waitlist created for April yet, some projects that have appeared on my radar but require more research on my part include: Chain games, Decentraland, the Sandbox and Verasity. Once I have more research and a better understanding of which projects to invest in, I’ll create a gaming watchlist for April, be on the lookout!



Ecommerce was a huge category that I missed out on in March but it’s a category that I believe will continue to pump for the remainder of the bullrun. My top 3 ecommerce tokens are STMX, OMI and SPI. I don’t currently own any of these but will look to buy in sometime in April once I have the capital to do so. Ecommerce plays are really solid for this bull run as each project will be announcing partnerships and various events(STMX is releasing its own debit card in Q2). In terms of which of these is a good long term play, its hard to say but these 3 definitely all have long term potential, where e-commerce is going to guy in relation to crypto is very unpredictable at the moment. 


Binance Projects

If there is one thing that I learned in March, it’s that Binance is a beast and everything it touches turns to gold. I’ve been a huge fan of the platform ever since I got into crypto but the growth of Binance is incredible. Binance has consistently invested hundreds of millions into various small crypto projects as well as they have bought out various crypto websites. This mass accumulation of crypto projects alongside the Binance smart chain shows the dominance that Binance has and will continue to have in the years ahead. An easy profitable strategy is to buy any cryptos that Binance invests in, they typically fly in the following weeks. *not financial advice, just an observation*. 


Another selling point for Binance and Binance related projects is the current delay of both Uniswap V.3. and Ethereum’s layer 2 solutions. The delay of both of these updates is great for Biannce smart chain in the short term as the gas fees holding back both Uniswap and Ethereum and the delay of fixes for the gas fees means CAKE and BNB should do really well in April. I would keep an eye on Uniswap so that  when they do launch Uniswap V.3., start buying those Uniswap related tokens as they will fly.

Supply Chains and NFTs

These were solid industries to be investing in for March and will continue to be great plays for the rest of the bull market. I still think Vechain(VET) and more importantly VTHO are great holds for the remainder of the bull market as economies around the world continue to reopen. TRAC is also another solid supply chain play but I do need to do more research regarding this project before I can fully recommend it. 


In terms of NFT plays, ENJ is great as it has the hype of the gaming sector combined with the hype of the NFT sector so a phenomenal long term play in my opinion but also should be solid play to solid for the next month or two as well. As mentioned above, if Audius is successful in bringing NFTs to the music industry over the coming months then this project can do a serious run but I would also keep your eyes on LUKSO. I’ve been talking about this project non stop over the past few months and I genuinely think this is one of the most overlooked and undervalued projects in crypto right now. Highly recommend reading up on my fundamental analysis here as I think this will do a 10-50x this bull run, super undervalued right now, of course not financial advice, strictly my opinion.

Undervalued Plays

I’ll definitely be creating some watchlists this week but two undervalued crypto plays I’m currently heavily invested in are Swipe(SXP) and 1inch exchange. I won’t go into great detail about either of them here but I thought I would give them a quick shoutout as I believe they warrant further research as they are both currently very undervalued and I predict they will sky rocket in the short to medium term. Long term viability is yet to be determined but keep an eye on both of these plays.


Overall, March was a phenomenal month but it had some down weeks which were an emotional roller coaster. Those weeks taught me to keep level headed and buy the dips as the markets continuously rebounded with even greater gains across the board. Not all of the plays that I mentioned or bought in March were great but I did hit the nail on the head for really solid plays like CHZ, FET and AUDIO(although I never called out AUDIO). 

Spectacle’s web traffic grew by over 2000% which was amazing to see and I appreciate all of the support, the quality and quantity of content for this website and social media will continue in April and I appreciate all of the constructive criticism.


Thanks for reading this month’s review and the first of this series, let me know what you think, what cryptos you’re looking at for April and don’t forget to follow the blog.


Happy Investing!

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