The Next Big Moves for Altcoin Summer

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With the upcoming altcoin summer on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to reevaluate my current strategies and share with you guys how I plan to maximize gains in the following months. One important mindset for all of us to adopt when it comes to investing and business in general is a saying JRNY loves to promote and that is “be ahead of the herd”. When it comes to investing it’s important to get in at a good price, buying doge when it was stuck under 10 cents for several months is far more profitable than buying it above 50 cents. Understanding and being able to predict where money is going to flow into is the name of the game for this bullrun and so I’m going to go over where I expect money to flow into for this summer. I don’t recommend adapting this strategy completely, there’s many different strategies to partake in right now, this is simply one sector of the crypto space that I”m expecting to explode.


Ethereum’s gas fees are a huge hindrance to the network and will continue to be until this gets solved, whether ETH 2.0 can actually solve this is yet to be seen(I go over why I think Ethereum isn’t so  great in the longrun here). Because of these enormous gas fees, we’ve seen a meteoric rise out of BNB the past few months alongside CAKE and other BNB ecosystem projects This is a direct response to projects moving to the Biannce smart chain as Ethereum remains congested. Although this has created a lot of momentum for BNB and BNB related projects in recent times, Binance Smart Chain is a temporary solution, not a long term solution. The long term solutions to Ethereum are Cardano, Polkadot and Solana. Projects launching on these platforms in the coming months should see similar explosions to what we say on BNB. 


I’m most bullish on DOT and Cardano related projects but honestly projects on any ecosystem that does what Ethereum does but better should have “moon” potential. A few projects outside of the ecosystems that I just listed are:







I’ll look to do analysis on these projects in the coming weeks/months but I recommend keeping a close eye on each of themw


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Polkadot is a software designed for blockchain ecosystems to be built on top of, while allowing interoperability between all of the blockchains. A few things to watch in the Polkadot ecosystem:


Polkastarter – This is a decentralized protocol built for cross chain token pools and auctions. Similar to Binance’s launchpad, you’ll see upcoming projects launch their tokens here and explode in value so I highly recommend checking out and becoming familiar with Polkastarter. 


Kusama – Kusama is considered Polkadot’s wild cousin, initially Kusama was an experimental network of Polkadot but has branched out considerably to the point where the projects differ quite a bit. Polkadot looks to be the pillar of decentralized finance whereas Kusama will be the pillar for NFTs. Fundamental analysis to be released on Kusama in the next 30 days, stay tuned!


Kylin – Kylin is a data marketplace that allows Dapps built on the polkadot ecosystem to easily and efficiently collect on and off chain data for a competitive fee. This is just one of the many projects on Polkadot that I’m bullish on for the long-term. 


cardano logopt2 cardano logopt2

Card.starter – Card.starter is the Polkastarter of the Cardano ecosystem. It’s a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform that looks to connect innovators with the community’s donors. Currently launched on the Ethereum network, Cardstarter will be migrating over to Cardano once it is up and running. Keep all your eyes on this platform and projects launching on it.




Charli3 – This is the first decentralized oracle to launch on the Cardano blockchain. It looks to have the following features: 

Multi-oracle node consensus 

Forced node staking

Multiple redundant oracle networks 

A trustless network of systems to prevent Sybil attacks

Aggressive node reputation and validation


All of this is outlined on Morioh which you can access here 



SingulairtyNET – This is one of the projects I’m most bullish on for the longterm, you can read my fundamental analysis here. AGI is a very very long term project but it’s launching on the Cardano network(currently on Ethereum) and I think this will bring a lot more attention to the project. Very slow moving project but they’ve been working closely with Cardano over the past year and a transition to ADA should be very beneficial. 


These are the projects on these particular ecosystems that I’m currently watching. Cardano and Polkadot are both set to explode this summer so I highly recommend keeping a close eye on ALL projects launching in these ecosystems as we will see 100x gains made almost overnight. I’ll be posting more in depth watchlists and analysis for these ecosystems in the coming weeks so make sure to subscribe down below! What projects do you guys currently have your eyes set on? Let me know!

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