3 Upcoming NFT Video Games You Should Check Out

NFT Video Games

NFT Video Games

This week we released our Top 5 Crypto Gaming plays for 2022 which consisted of the biggest and most dominant players in the metaverse/crypto gaming space at the time of writing. Today, we wanted to share with you so upcoming NFT video games that we have our eye on as getting in early into these ecosystems has proven to result in the highest returns on investment. As always, the earlier a project is in its development, the riskier it is to invest as there is no proof of concept or community yet. Do your own research and let us know which NFT video games you have your eye on. 

NFT Video Games

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a dungeon crawler, play to earn game where players delve into dark mines to kill monsters, collect resources and upgrade their characters attributes and equipment. Features of the game include but are not limited to:

  • Play to Earn Model
  • Open market to trade and exchange NFTs
  • Players can Earn DAR for oxygen and level ups
  • Land owners can collect DAR for rent and spend in the marketplace to acquire better equipment

Partnerships include: Binance Smart Chain, The Sandbox, Bitscale Capital and more.


Wonder Hero is a turned based RPG combat game with anime inspired graphics built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Key Features:

  • Mobile Game
  • 100+ Variations of Heroes to collect
  • 400+ weapons and equipment to collect
  • PvP and PvE modes
  • Dual token model, HON and WND

How do players earn HON and WND? The following information was grabbed from WonderHero’s Website.

  • Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles and get HON + WND
  • Upgrading weapons, equipment, and selling them on the NFT marketplace
  • Collecting and speculating on rare weapons
  • Farming for Honor (HON) and WND that are needed to upgrade Weapons. HON and WND will be listed in DEXes for trading
  • Staking valuable NFT to get WND rewards
  • Staking WND and get WND rewards
  • Taking part co-sharing economy from WonderHero Yield System
WonderHero is expected to launch on the 26th of January 2022 for both Android and IOS devices. 

Meta Gods

Meta Gods is an upcoming play to earn RPG where players can earn epic loot by exploring dungeons and slaying mythical creatures. The game has quite a few interesting features alongside notable influencers being involved such as Mr.Beast and Alex Becker. 


Generative Art NFTs
The character that each player uses is a randomly generated NFT with randomized character stats as well as randomized equipment(armor and weapons). 
Cross Chain Gameplay

Currently, the game is only being built on the Binance Smart Chain but future development will be focused on making it multi-chain with Solana being the first new addition. 

Multiple Game Modes

The initial release will contain two game modes: Casual and Hardcore. As the games’ development progresses there are plans for a tower horde defense and dungeon speed runs

Staking and farming is available in the casual game mode where players can passively earn XP and the $RELIC token(to be used to purchase items and equipment). The downside to this is that the casual mode will offer less XP and the loot gained will be worse than the hardcore mode.
Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode is where all the good loot and significant XP will be found. Higher APY and legendary loot can be found in this mode but with the Permadeath feature, once you die there’s no returning to this mode. 

Gamefi Elements

Meta Gods looks to reward players for teaming up and slaying the dungeons together. By playing with a group, you can earn better looter and earn higher APY. 


A release date for this NFT video game is not yet decided on but we’re hoping it will be fully launched in Q1 2022. Keep your eyes peeled as this looks to be one of the most promising NFT video games in the space. 


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